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Dear Peter and Tom,

I would like to thank you for doing a great job in filling in our old pool!

I was particularly impressed by your experience and professionalism in removing the pool, starting right from the way in which you prepared the site for the heavy equipment, the professional and safe operation of the equipment, the quick removal of old concrete and delivery of clean fill and the final cleanup of the site. The job was also done on time and on budget.

The removal of the old pool has opened up the backyard and we are going to hvae new paving, artificial turf and a pergola installed. This will make a great spot for entertaining and playing with the new grandson.

I would be happy to recommend you to anyone wanting to have their pool filled in!


Greg Miles - Beaumaris, Victoria July 2010

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Confronted with swimming pool that had seen better days and with all the users having fled the nest the dilemma arose as what to do with the whole in the ground that was there.

One solution was to replace the pool with a new pool but the cost after enquiring was the equivalent to 2 first class tickets to Paris and accommodation for a fortnight.

Being a Broadbeach and B&B type, further enquiries were necessary.

After trawling the internet an advertisement caught my eye. What is this half body sticking out of the lawn in swimming trunks got to do with swimming pools? Well this is where i struck pay dirt.

The advertisement was for REVERSE POOLS. A company who will come and reverse your pool, in other words, fill it in and return your ground to the pristine state it was before it was gouged and drowned.

Hallelujah-it works!

They came with their equipment and soil and in two days my old dilapidated hole in the ground was levelled with grass sown and I look forward to relaxing on the green sward very soon.

Cost you ask?

Well all I can say is it was so reasonable that you would only be looking at a couple of tickets to Perth in comparison, but of course every job is different so if you are in a quandary as to what to do then give Peter or Tom a call and they will sort you out. I can recommend them and I don’t normally do that.

Tony Harrison



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