5 Unwanted Visitors Attracted To Your Pool

Swimming pools – some people love them and others hate them, but whatever you think about your pool, there’s no denying that it’s high maintenance. It’s even worse when you realise that your pool attracts an abundance of critters that often turn your outdoor activities into a fighting match between you and these unwanted visitors.

So let’s take a look at some of these gate crashers and find out why they are attracted to your swimming pool and the problems that can cause to your family.

1. Frogs love swimming pools

You may love frogs but finding them sunning themselves in your swimming pool can put a damper on that relationship. After all, not many of us want to go swimming with resident frogs. So why do they love your pool? Well, it’s all about food, because with all the insects in your pool, frogs have an instant buffet on their doorstep. So the more insects that are attracted to your swimming pool, the more frogs will come to visit and stay to eat. Don’t forget that when you switch on the pool lights at night that these will attract even more insects, providing the local frogs with a feast of untold proportions.


2. Do you have snakes in your pool?

Snakes are drawn to your swimming pool in the summer months because the water offers a cool moist environment. In the winter they might take up residence as well, particularly if you heat the water in your swimming pool. What does this mean? Well, it's best if you don’t put your hand into the filter box without checking first, because that’s a great place for a snake to settle down for a nap!

3. Mozzies are an Aussie nightmare

Just because you have every type of mosquito repellent known to man installed around the exterior of your home, did you forget the swimming pool? If you let the chlorine drop a little too low in your pool or have been using it a lot recently and forgot to bomb it clean, you could be in a world of hurt very quickly. That’s because mossies lay their eggs in swimming pools and in less than a week, you will be inundated with mozzies in your backyard.

4. What in the world are Water Boatmen?

Water Boatmen are another critter that loves swimming pools and whilst they might look creepy, they are harmless. They actually eat mossie larvae, so if mossies are breeding in your pool, then these are the good guys! Then there are Back Swimmer bugs that look similar to Water Boatmen, but can bite (which is bad), but they also eat other bugs (which is good), particularly water boatmen (which is bad). So if you have mossies, you have water boatmen, and if you water boatmen then you likely have back swimmer bugs as well.

5. Unwanted neighbours!

When you have a pool, suddenly all your neighbours might want to make friends! These critters lie dormant all through winter and suddenly come alive and rowdy when the weather warms up. Unfortunately, there’s no known cure for visiting neighbours, but removing your pool is a good solution!

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