New government standards for Australian pool pumps

Did you know that more than 1 million homes have swimming pools in Australia? Did you also know that pool pumps can be costly, eating into your power bills? Well the government is set to do something about that by requiring pool pumps to meet minimum energy performance standards (MEPS), commencing in 2020.

Why are these new standards being introduced?

It’s all about energy efficiency and cutting your energy costs. This is because pool pumps aren’t regulated for energy efficiency, and if you have a swimming pool in your backyard, around 18% of your household energy bills are due to your pool pump. Over the life of your pump, these costs can add up, which is why the government want to regulate the industry. Clearly, these new energy efficient pumps will use less power and so save you money in both the long and the short term.  


Each pool pump will be given a MEPS rating and mandatory labelling of all pool pumps will commence in 2020. So when you purchase a new pool pump, you will know its energy rating. The problem is that you have to shell out the money for one of these new pumps to bring your pool up to these new industry standards. So if you have considered removing your pool, and haven’t quite made the decision yet, now be a good time to follow through with that thought, otherwise you might be up for a new pump!

How to read the new energy efficiency labels on pool pumps

These labels are the same as energy efficiency labels on other appliances. The more stars, the more efficient the pool pump. The MEPS ratings go from 1 to 10 with every star representing a 25% improvement in energy efficiency. This means that a 5 star pump will be up to 25% more efficient than a 4 star pump and up to twice as efficient as a 3 star pump.


You can actually calculate the increased energy efficiency of your pump if you know the size of your pool, how often you use your pump and your energy tariff. For example, if you own a 50,000L pool and run your pump every day, you will save around $130.00 a year if you opt for an 8-star over a 3-star pool pump.

What are the benefits of removing your pool?

If you absolutely love your pool, you won’t see any benefits in removing it! If you are on the fence however, and are considering removing your pool, there are some clear benefits that might make your decision much easier.

First of all, you won’t have to pay for a new pool pump and you won’t have to pay an extra 18% a year on your energy bills. So you start off saving as soon as you remove your pool. You also save money on chemicals, maintenance and repairs, as well as all the time you spend keeping it clean and the cost of the water needed to keep it topped up. Then of course, there’s all the space you will get back in your yard when you remove the pool and fill in the hole. Flowers, vegetables, lawns, sheds, and kids play areas – there are lots of options open to you when you remove your pool.

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