7 Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Some people love pools in their backyards and others really don’t like them at all. Landlords often find that a pool is more trouble than it’s worth in their rental properties and parents whose kids have flown the nest can find a better use for their yard than a big hole in the ground!

Whatever your reasons for filling in your pool, you might still be a little clueless about how to rescue the new space.

So if you are looking for a few bright ideas for your newly minted yard space, here are seven options that might do the trick.

1. Outdoor pergola

If you want more space to entertain or relax in your garden, then an outdoor pergola is the perfect option. It’s essentially like adding another living space to your home, but without the walls. You can make it as minimal or as grand as you want, whatever style suits your needs – everyone needs a pergola!

2. Veggie garden

If you have always yearned for a large veggie patch, but didn’t have the room, well now’s your chance! Whether you want to plant carrots, artichokes, capsicums, snow peas, rhubarb, rocket or pumpkin, whatever veggies your family needs, Melbourne’s weather will give you a wonderful harvest, all year long.


3. Alfresco dining

Have you ever visited a friend or relative and been envious of their outdoor alfresco dining area? Maybe they even had an outdoor fireplace, BBQ area or an outdoor kitchen? If you have always longed for a fabulous outdoor eating area and fire pit, then now is the perfect time to make your dreams come true!

4. Kids playground

Setting aside a specific area for your kids to play in the backyard is a very popular option with many families. It’s particularly useful when your yard was all pool and the kids had hardly any space to play. Treehouses, swings, slides and sand pits are all features that will keep your kids happy for hours on end, and all in the safety of your backyard.


 5. Basketball half court

For families who love sports, removing the pool is the perfect excuse for installing that half basketball court you have always wanted in your yard, but never had the space. All you need is a few yards of concrete, some paint to mark out the lines and a basketball stand and hoop, and everyone will be lining up to take a shot!

6. Beautiful fountain

Love water, but didn’t like the pool? How about installing a wonderful fountain in the same space, so that you can listen to the tinkling sound of water all day long? Fountains make beautiful centrepieces for a garden and are very easy to maintain. It’s a great alternative to a pool and you can watch the native birds winging in for a bath as well.


7. Heated spa

If you aren’t into swimming, but a long soak with a glass of wine at the end of the day sounds like your nirvana, then how about a heated spa? Just imagine lying back in the cold winter evening and relaxing in the warmth of your spa, watching the stars twinkling in the night sky. Who said you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

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