5 Unwanted Visitors Attracted To Your Pool

Swimming pools – some people love them and others hate them, but whatever you think about your pool, there’s no denying that it’s high maintenance. It’s even worse when you realise that your pool attracts an abundance of critters that often turn your outdoor activities into a fighting match between you and these unwanted visitors.

So let’s take a look at some of these gate crashers and find out why they are attracted to your swimming pool and the problems that can cause to your family.

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Being water wise with your back yard

Most Aussies want to be environmentally friendly, actively seeking ways to lower their energy use and carbon footprint. Reducing the use of plastics, installing solar panels and using energy efficient appliances are all ways that we can help the planet. However, there's also another way that we can support our environment and that’s to reduce our water usage.

Water restrictions are a regular occurrence in Australia, so we all know what it means to use water sparingly. After all, our access to fresh water isn't unlimited and if you use more than your allocated amount, buying fresh water can significantly increase your household bills.

So here are four ways you can reduce your use of water at home, helping to save the environment and keeping your water bills down.

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Are germs making your pool a health risk?

Pool owners are always concerned about germs taking hold in their pools, so the emerging coronavirus disaster must be playing heavily on their minds. As the number of deaths and infected rises and with no vaccine in sight, COVIC-19, as it’s now been named by the World Health Organisation, is rapidly heading towards pandemic status.

Can the coronavirus be spread by water?

Whilst we still aren’t 100% sure how the coronavirus is spread, water is being postulated as one form of distribution via pipes, and another is via faeces. The CDC suggests that transmission is also via close contact with an infected person (droplets in the air), similar to the spread of influenza. How this relates to pool owners is unclear, but we do know that people who swim in pools can be susceptible to infections that are transmitted via close quarters or water.

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7 Ideas to Transform Your Backyard

Some people love pools in their backyards and others really don’t like them at all. Landlords often find that a pool is more trouble than it’s worth in their rental properties and parents whose kids have flown the nest can find a better use for their yard than a big hole in the ground!

Whatever your reasons for filling in your pool, you might still be a little clueless about how to rescue the new space.

So if you are looking for a few bright ideas for your newly minted yard space, here are seven options that might do the trick.

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